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2021 was the year LIST signed the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter, an initiative from IMS.

To demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion LIST celebrates together with Luxinnovation and DeWidong and with the kind support of FondsBelval, the National Diversity Day on May 12th by launching the photo exhibition “Diversity at Belval".

The exposition shows images of 47 professionals from 31 different nationalities and aims to shed the light on the diversity that hides behind these walls of the building “Maison d’Innovation” at the Campus at Esch/Belval.

This initiative was inspired by the artistic project "Inside Out", launched by the French artist JR who made visible abandoned and rejected inhabitants of the Parisian suburbs by exposing their portraits in the form of giant posters. Today, “Inside Out” is a platform that helps groups bring communities together around a message. Together, they post their portraits in public spaces, creating participatory artworks.



If you like the exhibition and want to help us capture the day, please take a picture with your favourite shoot.
Share it using the hashtag #DIVERSITYATBELVAL, tag LIST / Luxinnovation / DeWidong and we will share back your post.
Let people know what #DIVERSITYATBELVAL looks like!!!

Where to discover the exhibition ?

The photographic campaign will remain displayed for 15 days: from 6 to 22 May 2022, on the windows of the west and south facades of the Maison de l'Innovation in Belval Esch-Sur-Alzette.

For More information

For more information you can contact us directly: